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Products of Avanti Polar Lipids Inc

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Product Description
Avanti Number Short Name
100500P-1g E. coli Extract Total
100600P-1g E. coli Extract Polar
110520-5mg 16:0-16:0-18:0 TG
110521-5mg 16:0-16:0-18:1 TG
110535-1mg 1,3-14:0 D5 DG
110536-1mg 1,3-15:0 D5 DG
110537-1mg 1,3-16:0 D5 DG
110538-1mg 1,3-17:0 D5 DG
110539-1mg 1,3-19:0 D5 DG
110541-1mg 14:0-16:1-14:0 D5 TG
110542-1mg 15:0-18:1-15:0 D5 TG
110543-1mg 16:0-18:0-16:0 D5 TG
110544-1mg 17:0-17:1-17:0 D5 TG
110545-1mg 19:0-12:0-19:0 D5 TG
110546-1mg 20:0-20:1-20:0 D5 TG
110558-5mg 14:0-16:1-14:0 TG
110565-5mg 18:1 PE-N-19:0
110566-5mg 18:1 PS-N-19:0
110579-1mg 1,3-16:1 D5 DG
110580-1mg 1,3-18:0 D5 DG
110581-1mg 1,3-18:1 D5 DG
110585-1mg 13:0 Coenzyme A
110590-5mg N,N' 16:1 diacyl L-Lysine
110591-500μg Nor-Dolichoic Acid (13~21)
110592-5mg S,N-14:0 Diacyl-L-Cysteine
110593-1mg 1-C15-3-18:1 DG
110595-1mg 1-C15-2,3-18:1 TG
110606-5mg 16:0 MG
110607-1mg 17:0 MG
110608-1mg 18:1 MG
110611-5mg 12:0 DG
110613-1mg Triolein (18:1)
110614-5mg 16:0 PA
110616-5mg 16:0-18:1 PA
110617-5mg 16:0-22:6 PA
110618-5mg 18:0-20:4 PA
110619-5mg 18:0-22:6 PA
110623-5mg C16-18:1 PC
110626-5mg C17-02:0 PC
110627-5mg C18-02:0 PC
110629-1mg C18(Plasm)-18:1 PC
110632-5mg 14:0 PE
110633-5mg 16:0 PE
110634-5mg 18:0 PE
110635-5mg 18:1 PE (Cis)
110637-5mg 16:0-18:1 PE
110638-5mg 16:0-20:4 PE
110639-5mg 18:0-20:4 PE
110641-5mg 18:0-22:6 PE
110642-1mg C16-18:1 PE
110645-1mg C18(Plasm)-18:1 PE
110648-5mg 14:0 PG
110649-5mg 18:0 PG
110650-5mg 16:0-18:1 PG
110651-5mg 16:0-20:4 PG
110652-5mg 18:0-18:1 PG
110653-5mg 18:0-20:4 PG
110655-5mg 18:0-22:6 PG
110657-100μg 16:0 PI
110658-100μg 18:0 PI
110659-100μg 18:1 PI
110660-100μg 16:0-18:1 PI 
110661-100μg 18:0-20:4 PI
110664-100μg 8:0 PI(3,5)P2
110665-100μg 8:0 PI(4,5)P2
110666-100μg 8:0 PI(3,4)P2
110667-100μg 8:0 PI(3,4,5)P3
110668-5mg 16:0 PS
110669-5mg 16:0-18:1 PS
110670-5mg 16:0-20:4 PS
110671-5mg 18:0 PS
110672-5mg 18:0-18:1 PS
110673-5mg 18:0-20:4 PS
110675-5mg 18:0-22:6 PS
110677-5mg 14:0 Lyso PA
110678-5mg 16:0 Lyso PA
110679-5mg 17:0 Lyso PA
110680-5mg 18:0 Lyso PA
110681-5mg 18:1 Lyso PA
110683-1mg C16 Lyso PA
110684-5mg 14:0 Lyso PC
110685-5mg 16:0 Lyso PC
110686-5mg 17:0 Lyso PC
110687-5mg 18:0 Lyso PC
110688-5mg 18:1 Lyso PC
110690-1mg C16 Lyso PC
110691-5mg C18 Lyso PC
110692-1mg C18:1 Lyso PC
110693-5mg C16(Plasm) LPC
110694-1mg C18(Plasm) LPC
110696-5mg 13:0 Lyso PE
110697-5mg 14:0 Lyso PE
110698-5mg 16:0 Lyso PE
110699-5mg 17:1 Lyso PE
110700-5mg 18:0 Lyso PE
110701-5mg 18:1 Lyso PE
110709-5mg 13:0 Lyso PG
110710-5mg 14:0 Lyso PG
110711-5mg 16:0 Lyso PG
110712-5mg 17:1 Lyso PG
110713-5mg 18:0 Lyso PG
110714-5mg 18:1 Lyso PG
110716-100μg 13:0 Lyso PI
110717-100μg 16:0 Lyso PI
110718-100μg 17:1 Lyso PI
110719-100μg 18:0 Lyso PI
110720-100μg 18:1 Lyso PI
110721-100μg 20:4 Lyso PI
110722-1mg 13:0 Lyso PS
110723-1mg 16:0 Lyso PS
110724-5mg 17:1 Lyso PS
110725-1mg 18:0 Lyso PS
110726-5mg 18:1 Lyso PS
110728-5mg 16:0 BMP (R,S)
110729-5mg 18:1 BMP (S,R)
110730-5mg 16:0-17:0 BMP (R,R)
110731-5mg 14:0 Hemi BMP (S,R)
110732-5mg 16:0 Hemi BMP (R,R)
110733-1mg 17:0 Hemi BMP (R,R)
110734-5mg 18:1 Hemi BMP (S,R)
110735-5mg 18:1-18:1-16:0 Hemi BMP (R,R)
110737-5mg 16:0-16:0-C16:0 Hemi BMP (R,R)
110738-5mg 16:0 BDP (R,R)
110739-1mg 17:0-18:1(3) BDP (R,R)
110740-5mg 18:1 Succinyl PE
110742-5mg 16:0 Dimethyl PE
110743-5mg 16:0 Monomethyl PE
110744-5mg 18:1 DGPP
110745-1mg 16:0 CDP DG
110746-1mg 18:1 CDP DG
110747-1mg Sphinganine (d17:0)
110748-5mg Sphinganine (d18:0)
110749-1mg Sphinganine (d20:0)
110750-5mg Sphingosine (d18:1)
110751-1mg Sphingosine (d20:1)
110752-1mg Lyso SM (d17:1)
110753-1mg C12 Sphingosyl PE (d17:1)
110754-1mg C16 Ceramide-1-Phosphate
110755-1mg C16 Sphinganine-1-Phosphate
110756-1mg C24 Ceramide-1-Phosphate
110757-1mg C24 Sphinganine-1-Phosphate
110758-1mg C18 Sphinganine (d18:0)
110759-1mg Galactosyl (ß) C24:1 Ceramide
110760-1mg Glucosyl (ß) C24:1 Ceramide
110761-1mg Lactosyl (ß) C16 Ceramide
110762-1mg Lactosyl (ß) C24 Ceramide
110763-100μg 3-Sulfo-C12 GalCer
110764-100μg 3,6-Sulfo-C12 GalCer
110765-1mg Phytosphingosine (d17:0)
110767-1mg 03:0 Coenzyme A
110768-1mg 04:0 Coenzyme A
110769-1mg 06:0 Coenzyme A
110770-1mg 08:0 Coenzyme A
110771-1mg 10:0 Coenzyme A
110772-1mg 12:0 Coenzyme A
110773-1mg 14:0 Coenzyme A
110774-1mg 14:0 ether Coenzyme A
110775-1mg 15:0 Coenzyme A
110776-1mg 16:0 Coenzyme A
110777-1mg 17:0 Coenzyme A
110778-1mg 18:0 Coenzyme A
110779-1mg 18:0 α-hydroxy Coenzyme A
110785-1mg 19:0 Coenzyme A
110786-1mg 20:0 Coenzyme A
110788-1mg 21:0 Coenzyme A
110789-1mg 22:0 Coenzyme A
110791-1mg 23:0 Coenzyme A
110792-1mg 24:0 Coenzyme A
110794-1mg 25:0 Coenzyme A
110795-1mg 26:0 Coenzyme A
110796-5mg Cholesterol (Ovine Wool)
110797-5mg Cholesterol (Plant)
110798-1mg desmosterol
110801-1mg stigmasterol
110802-100μg zymosterol
110803-5mg 4ß-hydroxycholesterol
110804-5mg 5α,6α-epoxycholestanol
110805-5mg 5ß,6ß-epoxycholestanol
110806-5mg 7-ketocholesterol
110807-5mg 7-dehydrocholesterol 
110808-5mg 7α-hydroxycholesterol
110809-1mg 7ß-hydroxy-cholesterol
110810-5mg 6α-hydroxy-5α-cholestanol
110816-1mg 25-hydroxycholesterol
110818-1mg 27-hydroxycholesterol
110828-5mg cholestanol
110829-5mg cholestenone
110830-1mg N-16:0 L-Ser MeEster
110831-1mg N-16:0 L-Serine
110839-5mg 17:1 ethanolamide
110850-1mg 17:0-18:1 CDP DG
110851-1mg 17:0-18:1 ADP-DG
110852-1mg 17:0-18:1 UDP DG
110853-5mg C16-02:0 PC
110857-5mg 14:0 BMP (S,R)
110858-5mg 18:1 BDP (S,S)
110859-1mg 14:0 cholesteryl ester
110861-1mg 15:0 cholesteryl ester
110862-1mg 16:0 cholesteryl ester
110864-1mg 17:0 cholesteryl ester
110866-1mg 18:0 cholesteryl ester
110870-1mg 20:0 cholesteryl ester
110875-1mg 22:0 cholesteryl ester
110880-5mg 20:0-18:0 DG
110882-5mg 18:0 DG
110883-5mg 18:0-16:0 DG
110884-500μg 1-deoxysphinganine
110885-5mg 15:0 PE
110886-5mg 17:0 PE
110888-1mg 1-deoxysphingosine
110891-100μg zymosterol (D5)
110892-100μg 14-demethyl-lanosterol
110893-100μg 14-demethyl-lanosterol (D6)
110894-500μg 1-deoxysphinganine D3
110895-500μg 1-deoxy-L-threo-sphinganine D03
110896-1mg 1-desoxymethylsphinganine
110898-1mg N-12:0-1-deoxysphinganine
110899-1mg 16:0-18:1 D5 PG
110905-5mg 17:1 Lyso PC
110918-1mg 16:0 D31-18:1 PC
110919-1mg 16:0 D31-18:1 PG
110920-1mg 16:0 D31-18:1 PA
110921-1mg 16:0 D31-18:1 PE
110922-1mg 16:0 D31-18:1 PS
110923-100μg 16:0 D31-18:1 PI
110927-1mg Glucosyl(ß) C12 Cer
110928-1mg Glucosyl(ß) C16 Cer
110929-5mg 24:0 PC
110930-5mg 24:1 PC
110931-5mg 22:6 PE
110932-1mg Sphingosine PCholine
110939-500μg Polyprenol mixture (13~21)
110940-500μg Polyprenal mixture (13~21)
110941-500μg Dolichol (13~21)
110944-1mg 17:0-18:1 dCDP DG
110945-1mg 17:0-18:1 dADP DG
110946-1mg 17:0-18:1 dGDP DG
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