Bioron Pte Ltd produces Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering products all around the world. The company supplies leading Universities and Biological research laboratories with a full range of outstanding biotech products. It also has a big German branch, supplying leading European biotech companies, such as Roche, Qiagen.

It also offers entirely new endonucleases that recognize only methylated recognition sites, essential in the study of DNA methylation.
It also offers Gene extraction kits from Axygen, and some OEM products. We encourage you to focus on our hot-sellers as you will be enjoying very good margins for these.
Its hot-sellers include:
 1) dNTPs and modified dNTPs
 2) DNA markers
 3) Mastermixes for qPCR
 4) DFS-Taq DNA polymerase
 5) SuperHotTaq DNA polymerase
 6) Cot 1 DNA
 7) Gene machine and PCR kits

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